Do you ever write under the moonlight?

Inspiration and Illumination

As a writer and editor for ILLUMINATION, I have since become ILLUMINATED and inspired by all the amazing writers and editors I am fortunate enough to interact with each and every day. All of you boggle my brain in the best possible way!

I want to thank Holly Kellums for reaching out to me when I requested a mentor in the ILLUMINATION slack channel — #mentoring. Holly came to my rescue and has been inspiring me ever since. A kind force to be reckoned with and so are her flowers too! …

A fall onto the floor changed it all.

Lukewarm coffee. A half-eaten banana, ripening along with the waning hours of the morning. A sunny, hot 10th of August sort of day. I was sitting at my desk at work, blinded by the fluorescent lights beaming down into my soul. Challenging me to answer burning questions about myself, like the lamp of a police interrogation.

Thoughts of childhood penetrated my mind. Memories of what I said. What I didn’t say. How many times did I stall my own fall?

My body ached, my stomach churned and my palms caked with sweat and anxiety.

The lights knew I was feeling…

Tough Times

Notes of hope during hard times.

Do you have music stuck in your brain sometimes? Like your own little personal brain radio?

Stay with me here…

Stress Started It Off

Yesterday I was stressing way too much.

Major money woes. I paid my rent for May and saw what little I had left. Not even enough to make it another month. I knew it was coming months ago, yet seeing the writing on my banking mobile app brought me to the reality I had not wanted to face.

This kicked my mind into overdrive.

I started content writing and recently joined a new writing platform. And signed a contract! …

Claire Kelly

Freelance Writer and Editor for ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION MIRROR, and CHAPTERS. My pub — Write Under The Moon! Querying! Email me: claire.eliz.kelly@gmail.com

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