Writing Challenge

Asking yourself empowering questions

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Thank you to my wonderful friend Tree Langdon for pulling this thought-provoking prompt straight from her brain caverns. Tree asks us to ask ourselves empowering questions about what it means to be human and so much more.

The past year I’ve thought a lot about my life and what it means to be human. Certain events in my life pushed me to really sit down and think. My life definitely hasn’t turned out how I ever thought it would, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

I’ve learned a hell of a lot from all my experiences, even the most…

Walk Of Life

Waking up to the feeling

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Waking Up Weird

Today was a little weird. I am not even sure why. One of those days? I woke up and drank my morning coffee flying a little sideways, and couldn’t seem to get myself straightened out. Waking up weird, I call it.

I worked on some content writing, though was feeling a little uninspired by it all. Maybe it was the topic I was writing about — So why is the Land Rover Defender the 2021 MotorTrend SUV of the year? I am sure it is a fabulous SUV, it's just not something I would read about otherwise. …


Nostalgia was in full force today.

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A Nostalgia Filled Day

Today was such a weird day for me. A mixed bag of treats. As soon as I woke up, I felt this nostalgic energy whipping around my bedroom. Yet I was not entirely sure what I was feeling nostalgic about.

First, there was content writing I needed to finish. Last week I signed my first contract ever — for a content writing job. Though I have to complete two paid “test” assignments before I am assigned anything else. One was a 300 hundred word email copy targeting millennial women. The next, 750 words about social media automation!

Cool stuff, and…


You are never alone.

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Sensitive Wonders

Has anyone ever called you oversensitive? When I was a kid, I recall being told almost daily that I was “too sensitive.”

My parents thought I cried way too easily. Toughen up, they said.
Why are you so sensitive was the constant burning question posed to me every day of my childhood existence.

Yet, it was a question I never quite had an answer for.

Most likely because I was busy feeling.
Feeling the history in the old.
Feeling the wonder in the new.
Feeling my neighbour next door.
Feeling friends from school.
Feeling relatives on the other side of the…

A fall onto the floor changed it all.

Image Citation: Reinhardi, at Pixabay. (CC0)

Lukewarm coffee. A half-eaten banana, ripening along with the waning hours of the morning. A sunny, hot 10th of August sort of day. I was sitting at my desk at work, blinded by the fluorescent lights beaming down into my soul. Challenging me to answer burning questions about myself, like the lamp of a police interrogation.

Thoughts of childhood penetrated my mind. Memories of what I said. What I didn’t say. How many times did I stall my own fall?

My body ached, my stomach churned and my palms caked with sweat and anxiety.

The lights knew I was feeling…

Claire Kelly

MEMBER SINCE FEB 2021. Editor for ILLUMINATION, My pub — Write Under The Moon! SEO Content Writer & Editor @TheHOTH! Email me: claire.eliz.kelly@gmail.com

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